The mission of the Jackson Township Police Explorer Post is to support and act in concert with other members of the Police Department in an effort to nurture a cooperative partnership with the citizens of Jackson Township, and to create learning opportunities for Post members, all in an effort to enhance the quality of life in our community.

The Jackson Township Police Department Explorer Post is the largest and most active in the area. We have approximately 20 active members and several reserve members. We meet once a week on Wednesdays for our training and business meeting. The Explorer Post works many different events and details throughout the year.

Yearly, we work events such as the Star Spangled Celebration, the Jackson Fair, the HOF Balloon Classic, and the HOF Game at Fawcett Stadium. For the Star Spangled Celebration, we assist with traffic control, as well as crowd control, and also participate in the Parade. For the Jackson Fair, we handle all the parking for the event. At the Hall of Fame Balloon Classic, we assist the department with traffic control, and parking. We also assist at the Hall of Fame game, mainly with crowd control, and security.

The Post also participates in several other events throughout the year. We assist at several walk-a-thon’s for charitable organizations. Also, we assist with child fingerprinting details at Babies R Us, and several child safety seat checks, sponsored by various organizations. The Post also helps with traffic and ground security at the Jackson football games at Robert Fife stadium. The Post is also “on call” 24 hours a day to assist the department with any situation that should arise, and where our assistance is needed. So far this year, the Post has had several call out’s. The most notable was when the tornado stuck our township on April 28, 2002. The Post was immediately dispatched and assisted the department for 3 days with crowd control, closing roads, directing traffic, helping secure the Jackson Middle School, and extra patrol in some of the allotments with extensive damage. Also, earlier in the year, the Post was called upon to close down Strausser St., after a severe storm ripped through the area. Six Post members closed Strausser for 14 hours until the power company could clear the downed lines off of the road.

So far in 2002, the Post has donated over 400 man hours to the department in the form of call outs. In the summer of 2000, the Post was given the task of patrolling the North and South Park, Thursday through Sunday. One these days, two explorers would patrol the parks in our cruiser, on foot, or by golf cart. In the winter of 2001, the Post began to patrol the mall and strip area, Friday through Sunday. Again, two Explorers went out in our cruiser in the mall and strip area. We were responsible for lock-out’s, directing traffic at accidents, assisting stranded motorists, assisting shoppers at the mall who forgot where they parked, helping locate lost children at the mall, and being extra patrol in the area. The members of the Post give their time for free to participate in all these events.


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