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Privacy/Information Share Policy

By the automatic system creating a user on"the system"), you have agreed to display any information you have entered that would be helpful to other users such as E-Mail address and Screen Name, but not limited to these items. Users on this system are required to be at least the age of 13 according the the COPPA Act of October 1998. We do not allow children under the age of 13 to be a member of this system unless they have a parent or guardian signature on file with the webmaster. The system reserves the right to disband users if the policy stated below has been violated. Information is assumed to be correct when creating a new user; it is the user's duty to keep the profile up to date. If information is found to be false, that user may be subject to disbandment from the system. Information found on the system is for contact and entertainment use only. If information is used for any other acts, the user may face criminal prosecution. The system cannot be used for commercial use without system administrator's permission. If a user is found to be commercially collecting data, that user will be turned over to the proper authorities. The web administrator reserves the right to log all data moving throughout the site including but not limited to the following: user clickthroughs, browser information, and user agent collection information.

User Violation Policy

When a user of the system creates quandary or tries to void the system standards, the system reserves the right to disband that user. It also reserves the right to disband users that have provided assistance with that user. Vulgar language, release of another's identity without permission, gossip, and felonious crimes will not be permitted on the system at any time. If one of these terms of contract is violated, the user will be disband for the site and may face criminal prosecution.

Nonuser Privacy Statement

If a nonuser of the system enters information in the system, that user will not be held liable for any of that data due to the nature of our collection. Information received from a nonuser will be held only for the system and will never be sold or distributed unless for purposes. Information entered by a nonuser will be classified as private and not distributed in any material on the system. Nonusers may face criminal prosecution if they cause a felonious act. Information pertaining to the felonious act will be distributed to the proper authorities.

Copyright Information

All information on this site is Copyright by the Jackson Township Ohio Police Department Explorers Post 923. Any information gathered from this site, must be documented and on file by way of the webmaster.

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